"The Monarch" Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

I totally forgot I had this BTS video from 2 months ago. It's from the shoot I had with Joanna back in August, 2014. We did a couple of different locations and I was planning to get a 'conceptual' shot out this right from the beginning. I wasn't planning to take this particular shot at that time but when I saw the chance I quickly hopped on the idea! So here's the behind the scenes video I had from that shoot. Even though you can't really see much, you get an overall feeling of what went on that day - and yes, there were no butterflies, I added them on post later on!

Shaded Photoshoot

What a weekend this was! I spent some quality time with friends and family in Paphos and had a photoshoot with the amazing and talented Joanna in a banana tree plantation! We did a couple of different themes and traveled to various locations to get the right shots. It was awesome!

Complementary Photoshoot

Just in time before the new year, I managed to squeeze in one more photoshoot! I got to work with the amazing Anastasia again and this time she brought a friend! Another talented model named Tara! Both girls did an amazing job!

Photographer: Marios Tziortzis
Model: Anastasia Vanelli and Tara Tsouloupa
MUA: Anastasia Vanelli
Assistants: George Hadjimanolis, Andreas Georgiou and Mary Charalambous

Out Of Time and Sky Photoshoot

Here's a recent shoot I had with the wonderful Eraclia. This time I decided to focus more on my lighting, image quality and to promote some local talents from Cyprus.

Model: Eraclia Skoufari
MUA: Cozzie Kay
Dress by: Antreas Guido Kontides
Video: Phivos Michael
Assistant: Andreas Georgiou
Assistant: Irene Georgiou
Assistant: Mary Charalambous

Explosive Photoshoot

I've been meaning to shoot this for months now. I couldn't find willing models to do this kind of shoot. Thankfully I've found Michelle who didn't hesitate at all! The shot came exactly as I wanted it. Planning a shoot beforehand in regards to lighting always helps! Model: Michelle Nicolalou MUA: Anna Kulikova