"The Monarch" Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

I totally forgot I had this BTS video from 2 months ago. It's from the shoot I had with Joanna back in August, 2014. We did a couple of different locations and I was planning to get a 'conceptual' shot out this right from the beginning. I wasn't planning to take this particular shot at that time but when I saw the chance I quickly hopped on the idea! So here's the behind the scenes video I had from that shoot. Even though you can't really see much, you get an overall feeling of what went on that day - and yes, there were no butterflies, I added them on post later on!

Final Photo

The MonarchTaking a shot at conceptual shoots since I'm trying different things. This is from my latest shoot with the wonderful Joanna! Lately I've been obsessed with butterflies and I think that's "Under the Dome's" fault! Damn you Stephen King! Since monarch butterflies seem to be really important, it got me thinking!